Reliance Jio about to set Jio Fiber connection read plan details

Finally Reliance Jio has launched its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) Jio Fiber broadband service with plans starting from Rs 699 for a 100Mbps connection, 

Reliance Jio's fiber-to-the-home service is offering internet speeds which is starting from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, along with a host of other services like free voice, TV calling, gaming, entertainment, among others.

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The monthly plans for Reliance JioFiber start from Rs 699 and go up to Rs 8,499. At the time of installation, subscribers will have to make a one-time payment of Rs 2,500 - comprising a security deposit of Rs 1,500 and a non-refundable installation charge of Rs 1,000.

The company is also offering complementary television sets to annual subscribers of broadband plans in the range of Rs 2,499 to Rs 8,499. This offer is also available on two-year subscription of gold plan priced at Rs 1,299 per month.

How to get 100 Mbps Jio Fiber connection?

The registrations for the service started in August last month and the company said that it has already received 1.5 crore requests and is aiming to cover as many as 2 crore residences and 1.5 crore business establishments across 1,600 towns in India.

For registration, customers will have to Reliance Jio Fibre website and mention their the location represents their work or residential address. Next, customer is required to enter the full name, mobile number, and email ID. The registration is required to be verified through the OTP (One Time Password) sent to the phone number that was provided. Post the successful completion of the online registration, Reliance Jio sales representative will contact the user for the installation of the Jio Fiber connection.

However, not everyone who registers for the high-speed internet on the company's website will get the Jio Fiber connection. The company has said that the Jio Fiber roll-out will take place in a phased manner and its reach will depend on the demand. So, despite the enticing broadband plans and the promise of free 4K TVs, it might still take a while for JioFiber to come to your house or locality.

Here's how to register for JioFiber

Go to on the menu 'Get a new JioFiber connection'Enter your address for JioFiberSelect your home address or work addressEnter all your details (name, contact number, email address, etc.)Select your planClick on the option 'Generate OTP'Verify the OTPYou shall receive a confirmation message that your interest has been registered

Gujarat Ni TAMAM RTO KACHERI MA THI Agent Pratha Bandh Karva Babat RTO COMMISSIONER NO LATEST Circular DATE:-04/09/2019.

Gujarat Ni TAMAM RTO KACHERI MA THI Agent Pratha Bandh Karva Babat RTO COMMISSIONER NO LATEST Circular DATE:-04/09/2019.

Home loans are usually accompanied by the following additional costs: a) Processing fee: It's a fee payable to the lender on applying for a loan. It is either a fixed amount not linked to the loan or may also be a percentage of the loan amount. b) Prepayment Penalties: When a loan is paid back before the end of the agreed duration a penalty is charged by some banks/companies, which is usually between 1% and 2% of the amount being pre paid. c) Commitment Fees: Some institutions levy a commitment fee in case the loan is not availed of within a stipulated period of time after it is processed and sanctioned. d) Miscellaneous costs: It is quite possible that some lenders may levy a documentation or consultant charges.

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Get rid of the hassle of car-bike insurance every year

Get rid of the hassle of car-bike insurance every year

Starting September 1, 2018, purchasing a car will require 2 years of third party insurance. It will be necessary to buy a 5 year third party motor insurance with the bike. The Supreme Court has ordered that the rule be implemented from September 1, 2018. The court has asked the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to issue directions in this regard. Until now only insurance for two wheelers was available in the market for more than one year.

The Supreme Court made this rule compelling by referring to the recommendations of the Court Committee on Road Safety. The Motor Vehicles Act requires that every vehicle running on the road be insured. (This information is taken from the paid website.) Each policy has 2 parts - a third-party cover and an on-date. Third party insurance is required for every vehicle in the country. It compensates any third party for the loss by vehicle. It does not cover the damage done to the Honor's vehicle.

Apart from this, the central government is going to change the motor vehicle rules soon. There is also a plan to digitize the Motor Vehicle Act under Digital India. Because of this you do not have to carry a driving license, vehicle registration certificate and insurance.

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Jio GigaFiber Plan Rate Declared

Jio GigaFiber Plan Rate Declared

Mukesh Ambani's much anticipated fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service is finally launched. JioFiber plan rentals will start at Rs 699 and will go up to Rs 8,499. The lowest tariff will start with 100 Mbps speed. Most tariff plans come with access to all the services.

Launched on August 12, Jio Fiber will see its commercial rollout today. The service, which has the potential to alter the broadband landscape in India, offers a free HD TV set, free voice calls for life from landline, 100 megabit (mbps) to 1 GBPS broadband speed at a subscription rate of Rs 700 a month.

WITH TODAY'S LAUNCH, ONE CAN GET THESE SERVICES:1. Ultra-high-speed broadband (up to 1 Gbps)
2. Free domestic voice calling, conferencing and international calling
3. TV video calling and conferencing
4. Entertainment OTT apps
5. Gaming
6. Home Networking
7. Device Security
8. VR Experience
9. Premium Content Platform

Free for 2-months:New subscribers under the preview offer will get the JioFiber services free for two months.
* How you can get Jio Fiber:
Visit the Jio official website to register for the Jio Fiber connection. You have to submit your details like address, name and mobile number. After registration through mobile OTP, a Jio executive will visit your place to verify all information.
* Jio Fiber cable TV:
Cable TV service will be provided under a separate payment subscription plan through the cable fiber or DTH.
Jio will also offer free Set Top Box for the cable service. It will also offer gaming, video calling Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality services.
Free high definition TV:
Company will offer free 4K LED TV in its welcome offer.
Free voice calls:
Under Jio Home Phone, the company offers landline services bundled with broadband connection. It will offer free voice calls to domestic phone users and affordable international calls.
Installation charge:
Installation for Jio Fiber is free, but, the company will charge a refundable Rs 2,500 for the internet router.


Many vacancies of past teachers were not recruited despite vacancy TET - 2 The candidate's economic status was repeatedly presented to the education department of the pathetic state government

Many vacancies of past teachers were not recruited despite vacancy TET - 2 The candidate's economic status was repeatedly presented to the education department of the pathetic state government. The result is that the lack of teachers in the secondary and primary is not the time to listen to the teachers' suffering!  Due to the burden of government work, true teachers cannot perform the sacrifice of enlightenment of students.  Bhavnagar (message representative 6i) is very difficult to do.  Today's era is concerned that one should raise it today.  Every one of the kids at this time?  The answer to this question is very hard to find.  President Dr.  It is necessary to develop the skills of Sarvappalli Radhakrishna's birth type.  It is only celebrated as a day to note the quality of education in the present letter.  Today, only teachers can be educated, taken without a teacher, but paying attention to them means that the teachers of India are somewhat better than the honors class.  The day of giving is not something anyone is having trouble giving, the teacher seems to be representative of Tate-2 in this regard.  Today, the student of the whole world in the classroom compared to other states, said Hardebhai Vala, said that if the number of Gujarat can rise at the highest level in education and tomorrow, Gujarat has reached below 7000 crore in last budget session.  Creating the future today.  But more than this future budget should be allocated and allocated in this year's education in Gujarat, if not the teacher who created it in the states of India.  But it has reached number 7.  Their concern is that no one has the time to use their imagination to imagine what the future will be like.  The candidates who have passed the Tat-2 pass candidate's social tatters are unemployed and in the financial position it is mandatory to pass the TAT exam for qualification to become a teacher in Gujarat.  Today, there are around 3,000 pass-pass candidates in Gujarat.  There are a large number of candidates who have passed TAT - who have spent millions of money with the hope of becoming a teacher but their condition has become neither home nor high school, studied higher, MA, B.  Ad .  Due to the hard work, the number of candidates who passed TAT-2 in Gujarat passed the TET-2 examination, which is more than the defeat of many candidates who have all the qualifications.  Danger hunters today work in tatty fields, somebody's parents have become serious pass candidates, are going through illness,  Tate declining household emana responsibility of teachers in the school - and the neighborhood has been the head of the candidate.  So that today there are many schools in Gujarat with enough of them sitting in hope of a job.  Many candidates are not just teachers of marriage.  Under RTE, the age of doing and the job per student is also fulfilled. If one math science, one language, one social science teacher comes to completion, it is necessary to suffer socially.  However, there are many schools in the state where there are not enough subject teachers.  Primary of Gujarat.  The school has a shortage of more than 1,000 teachers from standard-1 to standard-4.  No action has been taken even though several times to date, till date the government has introduced more than 3 candidates to the Directors of Education, Recruitment Directors, Education Secretary and Education Ministers, Chief Ministers by the Tat pass candidates.  Candidates everywhere have been hungry thirsty all day outside the offices and offices for hours.  It is found, Bhavnagar (message representative).  Philosopher and great thinker  Teacher's Day will be celebrated across the country on Thursday in memory of Sarvapalli Radhakrishna.  Teacher's Day is truly a Teacher's Day today.  In addition to the many administrative tasks besides the teacher being hired, the school and high school education in general are going downhill.  Due to the other functions of the teaching night, the true teachers cannot do the true and sacrificial work of enlightening the students.  The government will also have to minimize the amount of work that teachers can do.  However, for the insensitive government, the teachers' grief is not heard.  According to information provided by the government, the teachers are working in addition to the academic work, many of their own questions remain unresolved.  In the case of spouses working in elementary school and working in a Granted School, questions have not been ruled out in the case of spouses, who have not been rejected.  While the issue of arts and commerce is becoming more common in the general stream, the question of giving additional teachers, while the indifference of the state government's education department to solve various problems, will be removed.  A similar question is also being discussed in the education world.  Various frustrations have been prevailing among the teachers as the problems of the librarian and industry teacher were not resolved, not based on results but implementation of grant policy based on Maghwari.  State Government Education!  When will the apathy of the department be resolved in solving various problems?  ?  A similar question is also being discussed in the education world.
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SSA Online attendance, Child Tracking System Gujarat

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5 percentage Dearness Allowance News Report

5 percentage Dearness Allowance News Report

Central Cabinet will decide: Currently there is 1 percent increase, 5 percent increase in total 5 percent DA: Pension allowance for employees is due from 1st July: Pensioners will also benefit: Employees will get benefit from at least 1 to a maximum of 3: Central cabinet Jammu and Kashmir. Possibility to declare relief
Good news is coming out for central government employees. According to sources, the center could announce the increase in inflation allowance (DA) for its employees tomorrow. It is likely that the proposed Union Cabinet will decide on this at a meeting tomorrow. In a Cabinet meeting, Jammu and Kashmir can also announce a raise for DA for central employees, in addition to discussing several other issues, including Kannidai Lakiyu Akila. DA will have a 5 percent increase in Kannidai Lakia and currently 3 percent will be increased to 8 percent. With this increase, the employees will be given Rs. Will increase in between. This inflation allowance kicks off from 1st July, July 1st. According to Consumer Price Index data for the months between January 3, inflation allowance is set to increase by 5 percent. In January, Kannidai Lakia's DA stood at 8.9 percent for June, compared to 5.7 percent in June. The government increased the DA by 3 percent due to December figures being lower. The government is not ready to make any decision on the increase in the minimum wage and the fitment factor. This DA increase will be important for employees during Ganeshotsav and upcoming festivals. Pensioners will also get the added benefit of this DA. There are an equal number of pensioners in the country, with about 4 million employees.