LRB Lokrakshak / Constable Exam Rechecking Mark Declared 2019

LRB Lokrakshak / Constable Exam Rechecking Mark Declared 2019

1) The date of the written examination of Narrows dated 05/02/2019 has been declared and if any candidates are to be checked for the marks, then the applications for them will be filed in person from the face / speed post from 05/02/2015 to 19/02/2015. Rs.300 / - made with Demand Draft.

(Ii) Fair verification has been done on the basis of all the applications received with Demand Draft for checking, Click here to see the list of candidates who have not made any change in the marks of the Fairing checking.

(3) The questions of the candidates who have gone through the Fair Verification have changed in the Pushtika Series (Paper Code) due to which the marks are changed, please click here to see the list .....

(4) Candidates who have shown "QUALIFIED" in the last column of the list of candidates whose names have been changed in the list shown in para no. 3 above: Physical examination according to the cut-offs declared for the physical examination of 18/02/2019 Narang Physical Examination Candidates are qualified for the physical test and those who do not have "NOT QUALIFIED" qualify for physical test.

(5) As per the paragraph no.4 mentioned above, the candidates who qualify for the physical test are male candidates from 05/03/2016 in the morning hours: 07.30 pm and women candidates dated 08/08/2011. Hours: At 07:30, SRPF Group-R, Sajpur Bagaha, Naroda Patiya Road, Krushnagar, Ahmedabad-382346 will be present for the physical test. (Candidates for physical examination will be notified more frequently in their mobile number within 2 to 3 days.)

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